Mind-Body Healing

Alternative Arthritis Treatments

by Ellen Gordon, M.Ed

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  The Mind
Why Mind-Body?
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Expressing Feelings
Power of Thoughts

  Food and Diet
  Healthy Foods
Foods to Avoid
Testing for Allergies
Mind-Body Eating
  Bodywork and Exercise
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Nordic Walking
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Everything we do has an influence on our health, from the way we think about life, to our physical activities, to the food we eat and the water we drink.

Mental activities, physical exercise and diet all work together.

The Mind: Living with a chronic illness like arthritis makes life physically challenging. For many, the illness also results in emotional stress. This stressed mental state can worsen the physical symptoms.

With each thought our bodies listen and react. Over time, a mind that is consistently calm and relaxed will have a different effect on the body's health than a mind that regularly races with thoughts of fear or worry.

Click to your left under "The Mind" for suggestions and techniques for calming yourself and viewing your life and your health with increased hope.

Food and Diet: Eating foods that are right for your body will support physical health and mental health. Click under Food and Diet for information about foods that may cause arthritis symptoms in some people and for general information about good nutrition for everyone.

Exercise and bodywork help the body physically, emotionally and mentally.

Exercise is very helpful for balancing emotions and releasing stress.

Exercise can frequently relieve arthritis symptoms. For some people with arthritis, exercises must be modified. The therapies' discussion in the Exercise/Bodywork section explains modifications that may be necessary.

For people who want to actively participate in their medical treatment: the therapies described here can be used on their own or as supplements to the medicines prescribed by traditional doctors.

It is recommended that you check with your doctor before trying any of the techniques described on this website.

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