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I want to get well.
I am healing.
I have a strong immune system.
My treatment is working with my immune system to eliminate illness.
I feel healing energy moving to my _________________(name body part).
All disease is leaving my body.
My body is strong and healthy. My immune system is strong and healthy,
Everyday I feel stronger than the day before.
My medicine goes directly to the parts of my body that it is meant to treat and then it is easily eliminated by my body. It does only good.
I am a whole person.
I am thankful for my good health and for the life force that flows in my body.
My ____________________ (name body part) is getting stronger every day.
Inflammation is leaving my body.
Toxins are leaving my body.
Healing energy flows through my body.
Healing energy fills my _______________________(name body part).
I am an expression of healing energy upon the Planet. As I heal myself, I heal others.
I ask God to help me heal.
I ask the source of the life force within me to heal my _____________________ (name body part).

Affirmations for Stress Management

My body is relaxing. I am relaxing.
I am calm. I am clear. I am focused.
Every one of my problems has a solution.
I am strong and capable.
I appreciate the good job that I am doing.
I am a worthwhile human being.
I appreciate myself. I like who I am.
There is enough time to do everything that truly needs to be done. I can do my work at a calm and relaxed pace.
Whenever I feel myself getting anxious, I become quiet; I focus on my breath; I breathe in; I breathe out; and I remind myself that I am doing a good job.
I love myself.
It is okay that I am not perfect.
It is okay to ask for help.

Affirmations for Surgery

I am healing.
I am getting better.
My doctors are well-trained and highly qualified.
I let go of concern as I trust them to take good care of me.
I am surrounded by loving friends and family. Their love and good wishes help me to get well.
I am surrounded by love. I am filled with love.
My medicine goes directly to the parts of my body that it is meant to treat and then it is easily eliminated by my body. It does only good.
During my surgery I see myself surrounded by the healing energy generated by the prayers and good wishes of my family and friends.
The entire hospital is filled with loving energy from the prayers of my family and friends.
God is with me and my doctors during my operation.
I ask God to help me heal.

Affirmations in Support of a Healthy Lifestyle

I choose to live a healthy life.
I respect myself and I respect my body.
I take good care of my body.
I appreciate the good way I take care of myself.
I enjoy breathing fresh, clean air.
I want to eat healthy, nutritious food.
I exercise every day. I love to do my exercises.
As I exercise, I feel my body strengthening. I am getting stronger every day.
I drink 8 glasses of water a day. The water is clean and delicious. It cleanses me and helps my body to release all toxins. The toxins are leaving my body now.
I enjoy eating warm, well-prepared, nourishing food. I respect and appreciate my food.
My food supports, nourishes and heals me.
When my resolve falters, I am willing to ask for help. I ask for help when I need it. I am not alone.
I keep trying. I have an optimistic attitude towards life. If I make a mistake, I admit it, I forgive myself, and get right back on track.

Affirmations for a Positive Mental Outlook

For each of my problems, there is a solution.
I want to be healed. I want to be a whole person.
I feel good about myself.
I am taking care of myself.
I am a worthwhile person. I am worthy of kindness and compassion.
I treat myself with kindness and compassion.
I accept all parts of me, including those parts in fear or anger or disease.
Healing love is available to me at all times. I am grateful for this love.
I am loved. I am lovable. Every part of me is lovable.
I accept myself as a person who makes mistakes and is still worthy of love.
I am surrounded by love.
I give thanks for all the good things in my life.
I am proud of the way that I always try.
I ask the universe to help me let go of fear.
I ask God to help me release fear.
I am releasing fear.
I ask God to help me know that I can heal myself.
I pray to the source of life, energy and compassion. I ask for comfort and support as I accept what needs to be accepted.
I ask to be held and nourished and loved as I heal.
God / my guardian angel / my higher power (circle one) watches over me and protects me while I sleep. I am thankful for this love and protection.
I ask the divine source of wisdom and compassion that is inside me to hold me and support me in healing

Affirmations for People in Pain

I am not the pain in my body. I am separate from the pain.
Tension is leaving my body.
I am able to observe the ways that my attachment to my pain ebbs and flows.
As I create relaxation and comfort and emotional support, my pain releases and lessens.
I have a life and an awareness that is separate from the pain.
I send love to the part of me that is in pain. I send healing energy to this part of me.
I ask the pain to release and lessen.
I ask the pain to leave my body.
The pain is leaving my body and I am grateful.
I see myself without pain. I move through my life feeling relaxed and comfortable. I am at peace.
There are people in my life who care about me. As I receive their love, the pain lessens. I am not alone.
I ask for acceptance of what is. I ask for appreciation and awareness of the good things in my life.
I ask God to help me relax around the pain.
I ask God to help me accept my life and enjoy my life as it is today.

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