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You can buy a rebounder (miniature trampoline) for under $30, store it easily in your home, and you will have an excellent aerobic exercise you can do at home any time you want. You can jump and bounce to your favorite dance music without hurting your knees. It is an excellent weight-bearing exercise for osteoporosis prevention or treatment. It is also recommended as being very helpful for lymphatic drainage.

I had been swimming 3 times a week for two years when I received a diagnosis of early-stage osteoporosis. The only significant change to my daily routine in the next two years was using my rebounder for 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. After two years I was retested: the osteoporosis was gone.

Caution: My rheumatologist was very opposed to this form of exercise. She was afraid of the harm that could be done if I fell off the rebounder. I decided to do it anyway, but I am very careful; if I feel at all tired or dizzy I skip the exercises. I enjoy being able to jump and dance without hurting my knees. It's fun.

Where I live they sell rebounders at Sears and K-Mart. An inexpensive rebounder lasts me about 5 years before showing signs of wear, but I only weigh 112 pounds. For serious jumping, a large person might need to purchase a sturdier version.

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