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Power Healing by Leo Galland, MD. This book has an excellent section on healing using nutrient-dense foods.

Food and Healing by Annemarie Colbin. This book defines and compares the standard American diet to various vegetarian diets including the Macrobiotic Diet, discusses using food for healing, and talks about food cravings and the meaning of each kind of craving. Excellent website. Click on Articles for good discussion of role of fats in the diet.

Food Sensitivities and Allergies

The E.I. Syndrome, Revised by Sherry Rogers, MD. Sherry Rogers is a medical doctor. Her specialty is treating patients with severe allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. One of the many symptoms of this illness is arthritis. Her book, The E.I. Syndrome, Revised, explains the diagnosis and treatment of environmental illness. There is a detailed section about testing for food allergies.

Discussion of leaky gut syndrome, a web article by Leo Galland, MD

Don Wiss' web page
Gluten-free diet, celiac disease

Eat Right 4 Your Type
, a book by Peter D'Adamo, MD. Dr. D'Adamo describes the recommended diet according to your blood type. If you do not know your blood type you can order a kit here.

Healing from Illness

Wellness Against All Odds, a book by Sherry Rogers, MD. Raw foods diet, carnivorous diet (lots of animal protein) vs. macrobiotic (all vegetarian diet), detoxification methods.

About the Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotics online
(Website) Macrobiotics philosophy and recipes.

The Cure is in The Kitchen
, a book by Sherry Rogers, MD. Contains some recipes and a lot of information about using the macrobiotic diet when you are sick.

Macrobiotic Cookbooks

Introducing Macrobiotic Cooking by Wendy Esko and Aveline Kushi.

Cookbooks with a macrobiotic orientation, but not as strictly macrobiotic (good for making the transition to macrobiotics):

Macro Mellow by Shirley Gallinger and Sherry Rogers, MD.

Cooking the Whole Foods Way by Christina Pirello. Christina Pirello has recipes on her webpage as well as information for ordering her book. Look for her TV cooking show on your local PBS TV station.

For cooking classes in your community:

If you are near a large city, look under East-West Foundation in your phone book.

Ask about macrobiotic cooking classes at health food stores in your community.

Sometimes offered by adult night schools.

Relaxation and Healing Tapes and CDs (sponsor)