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Start with an activity that relaxes body and mind. You feel better when your body is relaxed. Your body's natural healing mechanisms are more effective. You get relief from the discouragement of feeling sick.

Activities like meditation or yoga will help you connect to your body's inner wisdom. You need this connection to help figure out which treatment is right for you. There are so many things to try and no one treatment (alternative or orthodox) is right for everyone. It is important to develop skill at feeling centered and balanced when you hear about yet another treatment for arthritis.

I also recommend an initial visit to a board certified rheumatologist. Even if you are sure you will not take their medicine, a good rheumatologist is the best qualified to determine if you have arthritis and what kind of arthritis you have. A rheumatologist will know what kinds of exercises may be risky if your disease is in an active stage.

If the rheumatologist isn't willing to discuss anything but medicines, either find another doctor or see if you can get him/her to send you to a good physical therapist or occupational therapist. This will help you understand what kinds of exercise are appropriate for you.

A good holistic medical doctor has important information about your arthritis in relation to the health patterns of your whole body and the relationship of physical condition to mental and emotional conditions. A good rheumatologist has useful information about the implications specific to your arthritis diagnosis. In my opinion you need both points of view.

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