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      Your physical body regularly reacts to your thoughts. Over time, constantly looking at your life with pessimistic thoughts will weaken you. Having an optimistic life view will strengthen you. You can prove this for yourself right now.

      To prove to yourself that your thoughts affect your physical strength try this exercise:

Hold one arm out to your side, parallel to the floor. Think of the most wonderful event of your life. (Or you can think of a person or pet or place that you love deeply). Ask someone to try to push your arm down to your side while you resist.

Now think of a time when you felt like a failure or were extremely discouraged. Again, ask someone to try to push your arm down while you resist. Did you notice a difference? The only thing you changed was your thoughts, and your physical strength was immediately affected.

Positive, life-affirming thoughts in harmony with action are even more effective than thoughts alone. Here is an incredible example of how living the way you believe you are meant to live can affect what happens in your body.

Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D is a psychologist. He describes his life's work with terminally ill cancer patients in his book Cancer as a Turning Point: a Handbook for People with Cancer, Their Families, and Health Professionals.

Initially he used traditional psycho-therapeutic techniques. His patients appreciated his help, but as predicted they all died. Then he changed his therapeutic approach. He helped patients find what they loved to do. He asked questions like, "What puts passion in your life? What makes you look forward to getting up in the morning?" For some people this meant changing careers or lifestyles; for others it was life as usual, but with time set aside to pursue their passion.

As a result of this change in the focus of the psychotherapy (and the resulting change in ways of life), his patients' survival rate went from 0% to 50%. This is an amazing statistic!

Dr. LeShan doesn't talk at all about people changing their thought patterns. He talks about a change in activity. Part of my inspiration to create this web site came after reading his book. I can report that when I am totally absorbed in doing what I love (for me it's writing), my usual stream of negative thoughts stops. I am only thinking about what I am doing. And afterwards I find myself naturally creating positive thoughts about the challenges in my life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - a proven technique.

If you regularly struggle with a habit of negative thinking that you feel unable to stop, the Emotional Freedom Technique offers relief. This technique has helped many people improve physical and emotional health. This excellent web site provides free tutorials.

 If you want to immediately begin serious study: purchase the EFT Course. This high quality course consists of 13 hours of video and 3 hours of audio on DVD plus the EFT Manual on CD.

I highly recommend the free tutorials and the DVD.

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